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Share your views on the stories you see on the website. Discuss topics with like minded professionals from the football industry. Keep up to date with all the latest news and information from this fast paced industry.

linksig (Link Sig.gif) The fcbusiness Magazine group is one of the largest Football networking groups on Linked In. With over 11,000 members from across the world Football industry, the fcbusiness Magazine group has become the number one place for discussion on the topics that are affecting the game.




Logo for (FB Sig.gif) Our Facebook Fan page is for the fans of both the game and fcbusiness. This rapidly growing network of like minded individuals allows those outside of the industry to have their say in the matters that affect the game




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Twitter, everyone's favourite micro blog! 

Follow our tweets on Twitter. Strictly football business related.  We promise not to tell you about who is making the tea in the office! (Unless that's what you would like to know?)




Logo for (YT Sig.gif) fcbusiness has a Youtube page. From here we will upload all our latest videos that have featured on our website. Fans of fcbusiness can subscribe to the Youtube page to ensure that they never miss out on the latest videos from the Business of Football.