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fcbusiness Partners - League Managers Association (LMA)

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The League Managers Association is the collective, representative voice of all managers from the Barclays Premier League, the npower Championship and the npower Leagues 1 and 2.

Since its inception in 1992, the LMA has continued to develop its support and service offering to its members and its influence within the game. The LMA has become an integral and respected part of the football industry and as football continues to present new challenges, the LMA will grow and adapt to achieve its aims.

The six major aims of the LMA are:

  1. To represent the interests of the professional football managers to The Football Association, Premier League, Football League and all the game’s other governing bodies and stakeholders
  2. To promote and publish the views of the professional managers on key issues within the game
  3. To protect the rights and privileges of its members
  4. To deliver and grow a range of support services to the managers both professionally and personally
  5. To embrace and deliver strong commercial relationships with the game’s sponsors and partners
  6. To encourage honourable practice, conduct and courtesy in all professional activity

The LMA has 3 constitutional associations:

  • The Institute of Football Management and Administration (IFMA)
  • The Professional Football Administrators Association (PFAA)
  • The Professional Coaches Association (PFCA)

The LMA will carry out all its activity with expertise, professionalism and integrity.

Visit www.leaguemanagers.com for more information